Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some more pictures from the weekend!

 Snowed in.
 Cardelli try to pull a fast one and pass us thru a snow bank. Little did he know the ditch was straight down and 7 feet deep.
 Yeahh. Shit was buried.
 Jessi and Brandon workin on an igloo to spend the night.
 Yeahh. That didnt work.
 Luckily some GnarDawg came to the Rescue.
 Shortly after we went and picked up a new rail!!!
 Visited this spot that. Rolled mod deep and had a good ole time.
 Tallest rail ive seen in a while.
 Markin territory.
 Rail to bank. Shortly after this shot a bull dozer came and tore are shit up.
 Jessi. Chillen hard.
Rail is about as tall as him.

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  1. i love you because you have a picture of ben up top