Monday, January 31, 2011

MIke Averitt Sends it straight to the Dentist with this one!

Mike took quite the fall and we hope he gets fixed up quick! Bit a whole the size of a quarter in his lip and all the way out the other side!

TBN in The Windy Citaaay.

Well weekend number 1 in the city was pretty eventful! With anywhere from 10-24 inches on the way number 2 is looking to be better tho! Peep some photos and look for edits to pop up soon.
We fit right in at Navy Pier with everybody and their peacoat!
 and you thought the Banshee Bungee was next level shit!

 New Spot in Chicago.

 Matt Thomen of Shred Shop was nice enough to feed us Friday night and come to a spot!
 Benny gett'n Tuned up!
Dooooooood. Did you see Averitt?
Thank god he is a dental assistant!
 He made a guest appearance visiting averitt at the Hospital!
 Benny went in and pulled some paparazzi shit and got the shot. Doctor was stoked to stitch up averitts gash in his lip.
 Hard to tell in the photo but Mike bit straigh threw his lip and was spilling everything he drank on to his shirt. Priceless.
I made the mistake of calling Ruth a cancer patiet in the hospital. Needless to stay we were asked to leave immediatly. End of the weekend. Well try to top it this weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

TBN and ME Clothing Minnesota Throwaway

A few throw away clips from Minnesota and AMS. Illinois Throw away will be up shortly as well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A nice video from Joe Robertson

An old buddy of mine Joe Robertson sent me this fun edit from A basin. Take a look and tell us you dont wanna go out west for some pow riding!

Vinnn Cheeze going down.

Well on our second Minnesota journey we got the pleasure to go out with none other than Vinnn Cheezle and some buddies. Here is quite the slam we witnessed. Needless to say Vinn Felt no Pain and got the trick he was going for shortly after!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few pics from the Artic lands of Minnesota.

Well we picked a fine weekend to head to Minnesota with most weather being in the negatives and single digits and all filming being done at night it was hard to stay warm. That doesnt mean things didnt get NUTS but here is a few pics to hold ya over til an edit comes out!
 We made sure we marked where we went!Courtesy of (kor) a Midwest group who throws about the gnarliest events! Check em at devils head the first weekend of match for midwest snowfest! Bout the hottest time of the year!!!!
 Benny trying to stay warm in the negative weather.
 Sakiewicz reppin a hoodie trying to get some frost bite.

 Cooper was wearing about ever piece of clothing he owned.
Luckily at Riverside Rail some MN natives showed us that it is convienent to have a bone fire to keep warm. With Brewer and Rutherfords great fire tending abilities it lasted every bit of 25 minuetes before dying!
 Phelan Park Rail.
Riverside Rail.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Buddies From Big Bertha and 8four7even media.

Some of our buddies who just like having a good time at Raging Buffalo, using creativity to have fun at the park!
Check em at

a Little edit from Taylor Smith featuring a few of the TBN twats. Just having a good ole time at Raging.

Denim Jeans,Skis, & Thug Steeze from Taylor Smith|8four7even on Vimeo.

Gus Engle.

HOLDEN PRESENTS- GUS ENGLE from Holden on Vimeo.

Gus Engle is too cool.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A few Falls over Break that will bring some pain!

Full edit to come after this weekend, but to hold everyone over heres some of our slams from the past few weeks.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

December update.

Well we have been all over the midwest, from Raging Buffalo to Devils Head and then to the streets of Minnesota. Heres a few shots weve gathered along the way for your viewing pleasure. Edit to come soon.
 Benny Kaufman Gettin Sideways
 Brandon Sakiewicz doin a little slide and grab.
 Benny sending it at Rock and Ride.
 Jessi loving the cold air at RnR.
 Benny tuned up his eye on the fat down bar.
 Brandon gettin loopy.
 Jessi Catchin Dreams.
 Scott just got done paintin the wall.
 Finest knot maker east of the Mississippi, yours truly Chris Brewer.
Scott Rutherford sendin it with a switch Np.
 Brandon Prepping the lip to AMS.
 Rutherford Hanging 10 on a 5-0.
Brandon sendin a nose press though the dick.

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