Saturday, January 1, 2011

December update.

Well we have been all over the midwest, from Raging Buffalo to Devils Head and then to the streets of Minnesota. Heres a few shots weve gathered along the way for your viewing pleasure. Edit to come soon.
 Benny Kaufman Gettin Sideways
 Brandon Sakiewicz doin a little slide and grab.
 Benny sending it at Rock and Ride.
 Jessi loving the cold air at RnR.
 Benny tuned up his eye on the fat down bar.
 Brandon gettin loopy.
 Jessi Catchin Dreams.
 Scott just got done paintin the wall.
 Finest knot maker east of the Mississippi, yours truly Chris Brewer.
Scott Rutherford sendin it with a switch Np.
 Brandon Prepping the lip to AMS.
 Rutherford Hanging 10 on a 5-0.
Brandon sendin a nose press though the dick.

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