Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few pics from the Artic lands of Minnesota.

Well we picked a fine weekend to head to Minnesota with most weather being in the negatives and single digits and all filming being done at night it was hard to stay warm. That doesnt mean things didnt get NUTS but here is a few pics to hold ya over til an edit comes out!
 We made sure we marked where we went!Courtesy of (kor) a Midwest group who throws about the gnarliest events! Check em at devils head the first weekend of match for midwest snowfest! Bout the hottest time of the year!!!!
 Benny trying to stay warm in the negative weather.
 Sakiewicz reppin a hoodie trying to get some frost bite.

 Cooper was wearing about ever piece of clothing he owned.
Luckily at Riverside Rail some MN natives showed us that it is convienent to have a bone fire to keep warm. With Brewer and Rutherfords great fire tending abilities it lasted every bit of 25 minuetes before dying!
 Phelan Park Rail.
Riverside Rail.

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