Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colorado Baby!

Well this trip was no different than any other. Packed with more stuff than we know what to do with, absolutelty no extra clothes, a great time and some radical boarding. We sailed through Iowa Nebraska and halfway thru Colorado before arriving in Keystone.
 The sign dont lie.
 Jessi and her walking stick.
 Benny nearly slipped and sent it into the creek when brewer tossed a rock at his toes.
Our Newest Homie Jose. Pleasure to meet this kid! Welcome!

Jessi, Benny and Scott.

Jose, Brewer and Brandon.
Jose Poaching Ms. Superpark with a Seatbelt.


 Kyle Pressin Nose.

Jessi Hiking.
Jessi Pressin Nose as well!

Brewer crusin around.

 Our Buddy Sam Elliot was goin HAM on this rail.
Kyle Boostin a large Method on the Hip.

 Sam and kyle attempting a doubles shot.
 We had to stopp at the ever so famous compton mart.

 On our way we saw this old couple turning up the SWAG meter with some fresh ass gear from Compton.

Ended our Trip with some Good Times and Great People.
ME Clothing

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